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Mortgage Lending

Mortgage Lending can be a complex business which usually takes into consideration such things as a person’s credit, verifiable income, job stability and location of the real estate. The condition and determining whether one can afford the mortgage loan.

New Haven Mortgage Corporation takes a very simple and realistic approach to lending. We are not overly concerned where a borrower “has been”, but where they “are going”. In other words, if you have had a credit issue in the past, this does not mean you will have problems in the future.

We do not require notice of assessments, or tax returns to verify income. We can generally ascertain by looking at a job letter or your verbal say so that you can afford your mortgage loan.

Also, we do not scrutinize the years at your job or if you are self-employed. The loans we make are based on common sense lending to help you get ahead and where we believe you can afford your payments.

We take the red tape bureaucracy and lengthy delays out of the mortgage lending business.

Our approach works and can save you time and money.

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