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Power of Sale, Foreclosure

Power of Sale, Foreclosure Mortgage and Property Tax Arrears

For over 60 years The New Haven Management Team has been refinancing and stopping Power of Sales and Foreclosure actions including Mortgage and Property Tax Arrears.

New Haven can issue quick commitments. We have earned great credibility with certain lawyers that represent the banks. Our credibility may grant us certain courtesy such as more time to assist you.

We will not only stop the Power of Sale or Foreclosure but suggest a plan to help you move forward with the ability to keep your payments current. We can structure a mortgage to suit your needs.

  1. We can pre-pay your monthly payments up-front so you will become payment free you until you find new work or get “back on your feet” (i.e. 1 to 6 months).
  2. We can use a mortgage rate buy-down in order to make your interest rate lower and reduce your mortgage payments.

If you have sufficient home equity you are approved regardless of your income or credit, even if you have been turned down elsewhere.

Be advised it can sometimes be too costly to pay off your first mortgage before maturity. We often do a debt consolidation and provide a second mortgage to mature the same time the first mortgage matures.

At maturity, we may combine both the first and second mortgage together and can save you even more money.

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