About New Haven

New Haven Mortgage Corporation is an experienced, non-bank lender for alternative mortgage solutions in Ontario. We approve our loans based on the integrity and marketability of the real estate asset only. In today’s market, every borrower needs a different type of mortgage. There are never two similar cases!

We take great pride in understanding and helping people with their personal financial situations.

About New Haven Mortgage Corporation
Our Promises

Our New Haven Promise

We will:

  • Approve you based on sufficient equity, even if you’ve been turned down elsewhere
  • Provide you with flexible mortgage solutions
  • Provide you with fast and friendly service
  • Not judge you or your previous/current situation
  • Assign you one or more staff members throughout the process
  • Provide you with continuous updates from origination to completion

Our Management Team

Jason Vyner

President & CEO

Arjun Saraf

CFO & CCO (Principal Broker)

Katie Fulford


Lauren Chappell

Manager, Business Development

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Faster Processing Times

Our team is fast and efficient when it comes to processing inquiries, analyzing requests, and issuing commitments. This means you get the money you need when you need it.

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Credible Reputation

New Haven Mortgage Corporation has worked hard to establish itself as a reputable leader within the mortgage industry. This means that both lawyers and lenders work with us to expedite the process.

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Experts in Debt Consolidation

We understand that debt and financial hardships happen. Our team are experts in the alternative mortgage market and can help you find the best solution to your mortgage needs.


Brokerage License No.: 10588
Administrator’s License No.: 11284