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How We Work With Mortgage Brokers in Ontario

Partnering With Mortgage Brokers

New Haven Mortgage Corporation is an experienced mortgage lender in Ontario. We approve our loans based on the integrity and marketability of the real estate asset only. Our team understands that in today’s market, every borrower has a different need. Above all, the mortgage brokers we work with also understand this.

We work hard to create partnerships with talented mortgage brokers. This includes providing state-of-the-art training for both new and experienced mortgage brokers. This is essential in helping them close their deals with our niche product. We are proud of the many relationships we have built at numerous brokerages across Ontario. Because of these partnerships, we can fully understand the borrower’s situation.

We Are The Good Lender

Our goal is always to leave the broker and borrower in a win-win-win situation with us. From the origination process to the renewal process, we are transparent and reliable from the start. Our lending matrix that provides our rates and fees upfront is a testament to this.

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True Equity Solutions

Lending Matrix

We provide creative 'tailor-made' approval terms for your borrower.


We have some unique solutions for clients short on down-payments!

Mortgage Solutions

We offer a wide selection of features for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd mortgages.

Custom Offerings

We offer flexible approval terms that you can rely on.

Types of Borrowers

We lend to a wide variety of borrowers going through different situations.


Brokerage License No.: 10588
Administrator’s License No.: 11284