The Mortgage Broker Journey

New Haven Mortgage Corporation is an experienced mortgage investment corporation (MIC) lender in Ontario. As alternative lenders, our mortgage loan approvals are solely rooted in the integrity and marketability of the real estate asset. We recognize that every borrower’s needs are unique, and this sentiment applies to the mortgage brokers we collaborate with. To explore our mortgage solutions further, click here.


Our commitment extends to fostering strong and lasting partnerships with both new and seasoned mortgage brokers. We place a strong emphasis on education and offer comprehensive training on our diverse product offerings to all brokerages. Mortgage brokers working with us gain an in-depth understanding of our eligible property types, borrower profiles, and access to our transparent and competitive mortgage rates.

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We Are The Good Lender

As the Good Lender, our goal is always to leave the broker and borrower in a win-win situation with us. From origination to renewals, we are transparent, dependable, and reliable from start to finish. Our lending matrix lets brokers and borrowers know what to expect for pricing before submitting their deals.

At New Haven, we say trust is the name of the game. We will always prioritize our mortgage broker and clients’ interest during the mortgage process. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond with customer service and borrower retention.

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Alternative Lending

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We offer competitive mortgage rates so you can find your client the best solution.

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We offer a variety of mortgage solutions to help your client achieve their homeownership goals.

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Discover our personalized mortgage solutions that you and your clients can trust.

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We accept a variety of property types throughout Ontario.

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We lend to a wide variety of borrowers types.


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