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Navigating the Mortgage Industry

The Future of Mortgages: Staying Ahead of the Curve in a Changing Market
The mortgage industry is profoundly transforming, driven by technological advancements, shifting demographics, and evolving consumer preferences. As a mortgage broker, staying ahead of the curve and gathering mortgage advice from professionals is crucial to your success, especially in this dynamic [...]
The Benefits of a Mortgage Refinance: A Guide for Mortgage Brokers

Is your client confused about the benefits of refinancing a mortgage? Are you a mortgage broker who wants to understand better the advantages that refinancing can offer your clients? Or would you like to learn how refinancing can help your […]

Mortgage Brokers and Social Media 101

When the words “social media” come to mind, some mortgage brokers will undervalue its importance even now. “Why would I need to invest my time with social media?” or “I don’t know how to use social media” might be common […]

Exit Strategy: What is it and Why is it Important?

An exit strategy is an essential thing to consider before the mortgage lending process begins. As a mortgage broker, you should always think to be one step ahead and plan an exit strategy for your borrower.  This article will better […]

Ten Questions To Ask a Mortgage Lender
When working with a new mortgage lending company as a mortgage broker in Ontario, you may have many questions to ensure that you can provide your client with the best service possible. At New Haven Mortgage Corporation, we understand this, [...]