Tailor-Made Approval Offerings

We call ourselves The Good Lender because we separate ourselves from the stereotypical “predatory lending” practices, and work together with our brokers for the best possible mortgage rates and overall experience for their clients. Click here for our pricing.

At New Haven Mortgage Corporation, we offer flexible approval terms you can rely on to help remedy your borrower’s situation, such as:

  • Coinciding Maturity Dates
  • 6 months – 1 year
  • Fully Open Mortgages
  • Monthly Payments – Interest only or up to 40 years amortization
  • Prepay Mortgages/Set a Monthly Payment (prepay the difference)
  • Flexibility – Mix and Match the rates and fees (speak with your underwriter)
  • Corporate Holdings – with a personal guarantor
  • Lend behind another private mortgage – rate must be under 5.99% with an inter-creditor agreement
Tailor-Made Approval Offerings


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