Types of Borrowers

At New Haven, we don’t judge your borrower!

✓  No Formal Credit Requirements!

✓  No Formal Income Requirements!

✓  No Max GDS/TDS!

We also lend to a wide variety of borrowers!

  • Credit – N/A
  • Employment – N/A 
  • GDS/TDS – N/A
  • Undischarged bankruptcy (we will require written permission from the trustee)
  • One day discharged
  • Open consumer proposals
  • Riddled with bad unsecured debt or collections
  • Resides outside the country
  • Income taxes have not been filed up to date
  • Has CRA arrears (HST/Personal)
  • Mortgage or property tax arrears
  • No max on number of properties they own


Brokerage License No.: 10588
Administrator’s License No.: 11284